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Student Vloggers

Student Vloggers

Welcome to our brand-new Vloggers page.

We think that Vlogs are a really brilliant way to get across valuable advice and information in a really accessible (and fun) way. We intend to develop this page to bring you insightful and helpful Vlogs from across the student community - so please do bookmark the page or pop back soon to see how it is developing.


To kick us off we have partnered with The Study Space - the student community from Bloomsbury Publishing to provide you access to their brilliant new student Vlog series.


VLOG 1: Meet the team of student vloggers !



  VLOG 2: What to take to Uni: Packing essentials and checklist



 You can follow The Study Space on YouTube here: The Study Space YouTube - they are a really good bunch !


Come back soon to catch new Vlogs from the Study Space and others !!


If you would like to contribute a Vlog to the site - we would be delighted to talk to you about doing so - contact us at





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