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Tips for First-Year Law Students

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Tips for First-Year Law Students

Having just finished the first year of law school, I still faintly remember the first time I walked onto campus, two heavy suitcases in hand, super sleep-deprived from the fourteen-hour flight traveling from Taiwan. As I slowly transitioned to Uni-life and adapted to the unfamiliar environment, I was very overwhelmed by the challenging law modules and the abstract legal concepts too difficult to grasp. Thus, here are some tips from my experience in hope that you share in the comfort knowing you are not in this alone.

1 Get involved in law-related opportunities

Throughout the semester, there are many school-sponsored or events organised by law societies where you can sign up or apply to partake in. By listening to talks about an area of law or attending a social event, you can become more familiar with the legal scene in London, further solidifying your interest in the legal field. You will become more determined to succeed and passionate about your first-year modules.

2 Always ask yourself: why do I want to study law?

On your resume or applications, people will always be asking you: why are you interested in pursuing law? However, it is perfectly fine to still be unsure about your future legal pursuits: throughout the school-year, as you learn about the various disciplines of law and career alternatives, your goals and pursuits will be constantly changing. Just always keep in mind of that initial spark you had that led to your decision to practice law.

3 Find your advantage-what makes you stand out?

Note down the skills and qualities that law firms particularly look for in their employees: after identifying them, you articulate on your applications why you have said abilities, be it bilingualism, natural leadership, etc. Also find opportunities to enhance or acquire these highly sought-after skills.

5 Don't be afraid to ask for help!

If a particular module or a legal concept is taking you an unreasonable amount of time to grasp, don't be afraid to ask your tutors, your advisors, even your peers to help you out!

By Jewel Wang Chen - LLB Law
First in 2021/2022 school year

Tips for First-Year Law Students

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